Evo IX / X SEQUENTIAL gearbox!

KAPS Transmissions over the past 20 years has been working on delivering customers the highest quality race components and rating gearboxes. In more recent with a focus to Mitsubishi Evos and Subaru STIs worldwide. It comes as no surprise that the the technical boundaries have been pushed further again with the new design of the Mitsubishi Sequential gearbox.

What make KAPS Transmissions sequential gearbox standout amonit competitors??

Unique about this gearbox is that its design is not just for the Evo VI-IX cars, but in also transferrable to the Evo X. Efficient and inteligent design allows for customers to interchange the same gearbox between different models with only the chase of clech housing and final drive. So for race drivers thinking of upgrading the Evo IX to an Evo X, the same transmission can still be used saving alot of money.

More parts?

In all of KAPS Transmissions designed gearboxes, include are more parts and this ensures the gearbox in the strongest in can pošibly be. The Mitsubishi Sequential gearbox has been designed to bet he strongest on the market holding up to 800NM toque. The gearbox includes selektor forks and selektor rods, komplete Bering sets, full selection barrel parts, komplete shafts with gears, dogrings, hubs and final drive plus small components.


Shifting is Essentials


When buying from KAPS Transmissions, you are buying quality and design inteligence, We focus on these points so that hen the gearbox is installed to the car, the sequential shift is fast, smooth and accurate. KAPS transmissions sequential gearboxes have the reputation for the smoothest and lightest shift out of all the major brands. Couple that with lightening Quit gear ganges you will see those stage/lap times drop!



Gearbox type: 6 speed full sequential gearbox

Gear shift layout? R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6-R-N-1-2…

Gearbox Weight: TBA

Maximum torque: 800NM

Tooth profile: Straight cut

Shift performance? 40-50milliseconds


Final Drive Ratio: Various




Zdroj: http://eng.kaps-transmissions.com/news-kaps/evo_ix_x_sequential_gearbox-1264.html


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